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Hotel SEO Article Creation

Increase your SEO rating and drive more bookings to your official website, with the help of SEO Optimized Articles
How we work

The Hotel Content Company team conducts extensive research on the keywords searched for each destination (country level, destination level, or even special features level), and after a thorough study of the accommodation's unique characteristics, proposes 3 indicative article topics, based on three different but equally powerful keywords. After discussion, hoteliers choose the topic of their preference and our team creates articles of 600-800 words long that can be published either on the hotel's blog or on third-party media. Once the article is published, our marketing experts also give you specially designed templates in order to distribute it on your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram).

Goal of the service

SEO Optimized Articles aim to help your hotel's website increase its organic placement on Google search engine.

Those articles are imporant to be published on your website's blog but also on third-party media, since your Google ranking also depends on your total presence online. SEO articles do not aim directly in the increase of your sales, but they are important in order to enhance your presence on Google and travelers to be able to find you hotel's website on the first page of the search results.

  • Keyword Research

  • Article Topics Proposals

  • Article Creation

  • Social Media Post Template

See our work samples:
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