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Website Content

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Get engaging website content, specially created for your hotel, with a clear structure, correct SEO, and attractive descriptions that will boost your direct bookings
How we work:

​The Hotel Content Company team, after fully understanding the strong selling points of your property, starts the process by specifying the structure of the website (sitemap) to help travelers discover the information they are interested in more easily. It then develops attractive texts, highlighting the comparative advantages of your accommodation and adding the necessary SEO elements that will help boost your online sales.

The goal:

To create well-structured and rich content for your hotel's website, which will provide potential guests with all the information they need for their stay, thus increasing the likelihood of direct bookings. At the same time, the aim is to increase bookings through search engines, and especially through the billboard effect, which affects a large volume of bookings.

  • Menu & Sitemap specification

  • Development of all the necessary descriptions with an attractive tone of voice

  • SEO elements such as Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions & Keywords

See our work samples:

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