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Increase your hotel's popularity and bookings with targeted content services tailored to your needs.


Combining hotel expertise, high aesthetics, and increased SEO knowledge, The Hotel Content Company offers a comprehensive range of content creation services that cater to both your online and offline channels.


Our services are designed to meet all your content creation requirements, ranging from captivating B2C content, such as website content, social media posts, and newsletters to B2B presentations and branding development for your hotel. In addition, we can cover other content creation requests you may have, such as designing website landing pages and restaurant menus or creating content for your in-room tablets.


Our team of hospitality experts is always happy to guide you through our services and help you build a dynamic content strategy that will significantly enhance the profitability of your business.

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Social Media

Turn your hotel's social media into a dynamic channel for new sales, while promoting upselling and building loyalty with your repeaters

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Strengthen your relationship with repeaters and attract new customers with a structured Newsletter strategy



SEO Articles

Boost your hotel's online success with tailor-made SEO Articles. Elevate your organic ranking, attract more visitors, and unlock the power of search engine optimization

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Upselling Hotel Content

Establish seamless communication with your accommodation's guests to enhance their satisfaction and boost your internal sales

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Website Content

Get engaging website content, specially created for your hotel, with a clear structure, correct SEO, and attractive descriptions that will boost your direct bookings

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B2B Presentation

Get a dynamic and detailed B2B presentation of your hotel that will greatly facilitate your collaboration with Travel Agents, Tour Operators & Event Planners

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