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5 Days at Brazzo di Maina: A full Guide with Activities and Things to Do in Mani

Mani, in a nutshell. Discover hidden gems, enjoy sightseeing, and immerse yourself in the local culture through this 5-day Mani itinerary for unforgettable holidays.

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Locals say, "It takes three days to know Mani as a passerby, three months as a wanderer, and three lifetimes to experience its soul. One life for the seas, one for the mountains, and one for the people." When deciding which things to do and which places to visit during your vacation, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. This blog post is the cheat sheet for a well-spent 5-day holiday in Mani.

Brazzo di Maina will be your home away from home, your reference point to start and end your day. However, no matter how inviting your hotel room is, vacations are not meant to be spent indoors. That is why below you will find our top recommendations for the best things to do in Mani, including tips from the locals.

Day 1: Εnjoy Karavostasi beach, experience Greek cuisine, and stroll along Areopoli alleys

Start your vacation with a dive in the crystalline waters of the nearby beach, within a ten-minute walk from your room. After enjoying your swim, stop for lunch at one - or more - of the seaside restaurants like "To Micro Algeri," which is the perfect spot for the first round of ouzo with appetizers, and "O Faros Tou Panteli," which serves freshly caught fish and local Greek wine. Both are top choices for food at Karavostasi.

After an appetizing meal, head back to your room for some rest, to charge your batteries for a night out in Areopoli, which is only a fifteen-minute drive from Brazzo di Maina. Here is your chance to experience "Mani" away from the crowds. Wander around the cobblestone alleys, take breaks at the squares, admire the stone towers, and finish off the evening with a drink at "Bukka," an atmospheric home bar.

Day 2: Discover the historic Diros Caves and do water sports in the sunset

One of the things you definitely can’t miss while staying in Mani is a trip to Diros Caves, a true natural wonder that will take your breath away. Book a group or a private boat trip and explore the rare geological monument that took hundreds of thousands of years to form. Admire the stalactites and stalagmites, and surrender to the magical acoustics of the cave. Greek mythology lovers will be excited to learn that these caves were once considered to be one of the entrances to Hades.

Complete this adventurous day with water sports in Limeni. Whether you pick SUP or a sunset kayaking tour to explore Oitylo Bay, rest assured that you’ll have the time of your life! Before driving back to your room, enjoy a light dinner with fresh fish and seafood in one of the many taverns of Limeni, like “Kourmas.”

Day 3: Meet Kardamyli, a luxury travel destination

From Travel and Leisure to Condé Nast Traveler and from Forbes to National Geographic, Kardamyli is gaining more and more attention as it gracefully blends low-key luxury and sophistication with authenticity and tradition. Kardamyli was also writer Patrick Leigh Fermor's adopted home, whose residence you can visit.

Start off your day with a walk at the main drag and spoil yourself with coffee and a “galatopita” (a traditional Greek milk custard pie) in one of the many cafés. As the day goes by, head towards the sea to taste traditional cuisine in one of the restaurants, sitting above turquoise waters overlooking a picturesque cove. If you want to go for a swim near Kardamyli, Foneas and Ritsa beaches are havens for peace seekers, while the popular Stoupa attracts vibrant and youthful local and tourist crowds.

Day 4: Travel in time and explore nature, visiting Mystras and hiking in Taygetos

If you’re planning to stay more than three days in Mani, you should allow time to visit the fortress of Mystras in Taygetos Mountain, a World Heritage Unesco Site. It takes around an hour to reach Mystras from Oitylo by car, following the Gytheio-Sparti highway. Built in 1249 by the Franks and taken over by the Byzantines from 1262 to 1460, when the Turks captured it, the fortress narrates two centuries of Byzantine history and counts many churches and chapels. The nature around the castle is ideal for hiking, trekking, or even climbing for the most experienced ones. When you drive back to Brazzo di Maina, enjoy a delicious dinner at "In Pietra" restaurant with fresh local products and excellent wine, to finish your day in the best way.

Day 5: Seize the day road-tripping to Gytheio and Alypa beach

Before saying goodbye, a vacation agenda in Mani includes road-tripping to the Eastern side of the peninsula. Driving through barren land and olive groves, you will get to Gytheio, a port with colorful houses and a Cycladic island vibe. Even though Mani means unspoiled nature, rugged beauty, and unpretentious architecture, in Gytheio, you will admire Parthenagogio and City Hall, two neoclassic buildings designed by Ernst Ziller in the 19th century.

After spending the morning in the city, drive further south to the peninsula to reach Alypa Beach. Bask in the sun, relax, swim, and enjoy an authentic local meal right on the beach in one of the picturesque taverns.

Summing up

As hard as it may seem to fit everything and capture the beauty of the Mani Peninsula in five days, a well-scheduled holiday will allow you to go beyond the basics. By following this itinerary, you will scratch the surface, travel back in time, live mindfully in the present, and find many reasons to return.

We have shared everything a first-time visitor can't afford to miss. The ideal vacation brings together idyllic beaches with high mountains, an imposing natural landscape, breathtaking views, local culinary experiences, distinctive architecture, and sightseeing. And on top of it all, you will experience everything while staying in Brazzo di Maina, a hotel equipped with all modern amenities, that combines traditional aesthetics with contemporary comfort, for a truly unforgettable holiday experience.

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