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Corfu food: Homelike dishes at Telesilla Hotel's Restaurant

Immaculate gastronomy, sustainable practices, and memorable events come together in a magnificent setting.

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Telesilla Hotel's Restaurant is much more than just a place to grab a quick bite after roaming the alluring beaches and picturesque villages of Corfu. It’s undeniably one of the hotel’s best features, a popular dining option among locals, and one of the reasons that travelers keep returning to Telesilla Hotel year after year.

Apart from occupying a charming space by the hotel’s pool that is ideal for moments of peace and quiet after a long day of sightseeing, Telesilla’s Restaurant boasts an extensive menu with local Corfiot and Mediterranean recipes as well as a wide selection of wines to be paired with all the delicious treats. Most importantly, all dishes are exclusively prepared with locally sourced, fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Here’s how Telesilla Hotel's Restaurant turns every meal into an unforgettable experience.

A brief introduction to Corfiot cuisine and Ionian gastronomy

Greek cuisine is famous all over the world for its use of fresh seasonal ingredients including meat, fish, vegetables, and a multitude of spices. Many would argue that Greek food is reason enough to plan a visit to one of the famous Greek islands. Interestingly enough, what many international visitors don’t know is that the small cluster of islands in the western part of Greece called the Ionian Islands have their own distinct cuisine and a gastronomy scene that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the country.

Corfiot cuisine, in particular, is renowned for being as delicious as it is unique, with one-of-a-kind dishes that stay true to tradition while still reflecting the Italian influence on the island’s culture, like Pastitsada, Sofrito, Bourdeto, several local kinds of cheese, the famous Corfiot ginger beer and many more. Whatever the recipe, the most crucial aspect of authentic Corfiot cuisine is the use of local products. And that’s where the people behind Telesilla Hotel's restaurant really make a difference.

Telesilla Hotel's Restaurant at the forefront of the authentic Corfiot gastronomy scene

Every single aspect of food prepping and cooking at Hotel Telesilla’s Restaurant takes the form of a ritual to ensure that every meal served is of the highest quality and taste. Each and every day, the owners Spiros and Makis Filippas scout several local markets for the purest and freshest meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables, with a tireless devotion that ensures excellence.

After the ingredients are provided, the restaurant’s chefs take great care in preparing the food in the same way locals do at home, just like when cooking for their own families. It’s this sense of home that makes Telesilla’s Restaurant so special. Both owners and staff regard guests as valued members of the extended family and go the extra mile – in both quality and quantity – to make sure that they’re constantly surrounded by smiling and content guests.

With the delightful mantra “Once here, you’re family,” you can expect nothing less than the warmest hospitality and an extraordinary culinary experience every time you visit the restaurant. That’s also why locals from all around the island take long trips to come and enjoy poolside dinners, diligently prepared by our staff.

Turning gastronomy into an extraordinary experience

The charms of Hotel Telesilla’s Restaurant are not limited to the unique culinary delights and refreshing wines you’ll see on the menus. Late in the evening, after guests have settled in and the sun has set, the poolside area turns into a real stage that hosts all kinds of live music concerts and performances, with genres ranging from rock ‘n’ roll and funk to smooth jazz and – of course – traditional Greek music.

The live shows usually take place three times a week, starting at around 9 p.m. And even when the bands end their setlists, the party is far from over. Adjacent to the restaurant, you’ll find a poolside cocktail bar that serves all kinds of invigorating cocktails prepared by expert bartenders, which has become a popular socializing hub, a great end to a perfect night.

Last but not least, guests of Telesilla Hotel have the chance to participate in winemaking fiestas and wine tasting events that take place by the pool throughout the year.


The mouthwatering gastronomy of Corfu is beyond any doubt one of the aspects of your vacation that you are going to enjoy more than you imagined. And with a stay at Telesilla Hotel, you can rest assured that you will be greeted as a distant relative and welcomed to enjoy a meal that was prepared with respect, passion, and love. Besides, where else could you savor all these culinary treats paired with wine tasting events, live music performances, a cheerful crowd, and a genuinely warm atmosphere? Our famous restaurant stays open from six in the afternoon until late at night, and we invite all guests to delve into a unique experience that will certainly become a lifelong memory.

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