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Social Media 

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Turn your hotel's social media into a dynamic channel for new sales, while promoting upselling and building loyalty with your repeaters
How we work:

The Hotel Content Company undertakes the specification, creation, and posting of your hotel's social media posts on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. The specification is always based on seasonality, while the captions are adapted to your hotel's style and vibe. Each post also includes a special link that takes visitors directly to the booking engine of your official website to boost direct bookings.

The goal:

To consistently create rich content for your property's social media accounts, which will help strengthen your relationship with guests as well as increase your internal sales and convert searching travelers to customers.

  • Specification for 6 or 12 months of posting

  • Creation of 24 posts on Facebook & Instagram per month

  • Post scheduling with the possibility for ad-hoc posts in 48 hours

  • Propose new content ideas for greater engagement

See our work:

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