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Hotel Descriptions Writing

Visualize your hotel in the best possible way, by communicating directly not only the building infrastructures, but also the specified experiences that arise within it.

The visual content of accommodation plays a crucial role in its success, as it is the most popular type of content that most - if not all - travelers look for before deciding to visit an accommodation. At The Hotel Content Company, we undertake the specification of hotel photography, making sure that the final result is in line with the logic of each accommodation, highlighting it in the best possible way.

The service includes a specification of the photoshoots based on the accommodation's target group and offered experiences, along with demonstrative moodboards. It is also possible to supervise the photography process on the spot, giving a concept and requirements brief to the photographer chosen by the owner. After the photo shooting and the delivery of the final material, we select and sort the photos according to the type and potential use (official website, OTAs, Social Media, etc.), prior to sending them to the hotelier.

  • Shot Descriptions

  • Moodboards

  • Photoshooting Brief 

  • Selection and Sorting of Final Photos

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