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The Hotel Content Company: The different types of Hotel Content and how they help develop the sales

Credits: Christos Drazos for Aether Boutique stay

With online channels playing a key role in every hotel’s growth, Hotel Content has become the number-one sales tool. A Greek company launches the first specialized brand that covers this major need of the market, by creating unique & specialized Hotel Content.

The connection of today’s hotels with online distribution channels is of crucial importance, since their sales are largely determined by them. Whether it is sales channels, such as OTAs (,, etc.), or promotional channels, such as Social Media, the hotels must present their Design, Facilities, and Experiences they offer in the most impressive way, so that they can stand out from the competition, which is becoming more and more powerful.

Given the above, the Hotel Content is rapidly becoming the most important tool for the successful sales of a property, with constant needs emerging every day, as the hotels wish to present all the new aspects of the experience they provide, in the best possible way. The Hotel Content Company, aiming to cover this major need, had created the first specialized brand that aims to create high-level Hotel Content, which not only presents the hotels but also narrates their 'stories' in a unique way, increasing their brand awareness and sales.

Which are the content needs of a modern hotel?

To easily introduce the various categories of Hotel Content, the team of The Hotel Content Company analyzes their key points, providing extra tips for their use.

Full Hotel Presentation through Hotel Descriptions & Hotel Photography

As hotels are heavily dependent on third-party sales channels, the first and most important type of content they need is their detailed Hotel Descriptions. This type of content focuses on presenting the Hotel in total, providing comprehensive descriptions of the facilities and the services it offers. Equally important with the Hotel Descriptions is the Hotel Photography, through which a hotel manages to capture its facilities and experiences, and effectively target its desired audiences. After the full presentation of the hotel, both verbally and visually, the property is now ready to proceed with its sales and promotional setup, as well as to develop collaborations more easily, using the high-quality presentation material that has already been created.

Hotel Sales set-up with the proper Content in OTAs, as well as dedicated Website Content

With its full Hotel Presentation in hand, a hotel can begin its set-up in the various OTAs and Meta Search channels, and at the same time contact bigger or smaller Tour Operators, providing them with all the necessary information. But this is not enough, as the main point of reference for a hotel’s sales is its own Website, where every promotional action should lead. Despite the Hotel Presentation’s high level of content, the content for a hotel’s official Website has special requirements and needs, in order to achieve maximum performance. Therefore, the process of developing the Content for a Hotel Website is more complex than it may appear, as it needs to take into account the SEO and UX requirements, as well as the various special widgets that enhance instant bookings.

Hotel Promotion with Storytelling Photos, Videos and Descriptions on Social Media

Even though the concepts of sales and promotion are similar, their role within the hotel market is completely distinct, as not only do the different channels have significant differences from each other, but their content also takes different approaches. So, apart from the promotion that a property inevitably receives through its sales process (as the popular OTAs ensure huge visibility), Social Media are very important promotional channels that require a differentiated content philosophy. The difference here lies mainly in the visual material, as the approach in each medium changes. For example, a social media such as Instagram, which offers mainly visual communication, requires the use of a specific type of photos and videos, which will present the most spontaneous and storytelling aspects of the hotel – and not the more ‘official’ and 'formal' point of view that we usually find in a website. Respectively, this medium needs different graphic formats, on one hand for better display, and on the other hand for the required diversity.

Hotel Upselling with On-Screen Messages and Tablet Concierge Specifications

One of the most important sources of income for a tourism propertyn is its internal sales, i.e. those that come either from the use of the hotel’s various outlets, or from the sale of additional services. However, in order to achieve the so-called upselling or cross-selling and given the existence of dynamic channels for in-hotel communication such as tablet concierge and hotel screens, it is essential to specify and create the necessary content that will arouse the interest of the travellers. And even though the content might resemble the general descriptions of the property, the truth is that it has significant differences. In the case of upselling methods, the goal is to showcase the experiences, the menus, and the products – and not the hotel or its grounds, since the traveller is already staying in it. In the same context, the tone of voice is also different and the visual material focuses more on the ‘plate’ and not on the ‘restaurant hall’.

The analysis of the different types of content highlights the diverse needs of a modern hotel for complete and successful communication and promotion. The specialization of The Hotel Content Company in the development of all types of content guarantees that each property will receive different content depending on the intended use, making the whole process simple and easily manageable, and saving valuable time and resources from the management and sales & marketing teams of the hotel.



The Hotel Content Company is a start-up brand of Destsetters, which specializes in Hospitality Concept Development, developing new Hotels and Tourist Brands.


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