Branding Elements

Logo Creation
Build a strong identity for your accomodation by choosing the most effective hotel name, hotel logo and branding elements.
How we work

Through the Branding Foundations service, The Hotel Content Company aims to specify the basic branding elements of an accomodation. More specifically, depending on the hotel's location, history, key-selling points & target audiences, The Hotel Content Company proposes the brand's name and tagline, the brand's logo, the brand's font and the main colours' palette to be used.

The goal of the service

The selection of a unique and distinctive name, as well as of an impressive logo, is of high importance, since they can easily communicate the values and the quality of a hotel. Font and colours selection are also crucial as they can evoke positive emotions to the potenial customers of an accomodation and make it stand out of its competition.

  • Name Proposals

  • Hotel Promise

  • Hotel Tagline & USPS

  • Logo Proposals

  • Font Proposals

  • Branding Colours Palette

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