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The Hotel Content Company: The first specialized brand for Hotel Content Development

THCC Hotel Content Services-Photography
Credits: Christos Drazos for Diles and Rinies

The Hotel Content Company comes to offer a set of Content Development Services to the Hotel Industry, that highlight the special features of Hotels and Tourism properties and lead to effective communication with their targeted travel audiences.


A Hotel’s Content is an important part of the success of its sales strategy, regarding both for the final Travelers and the Travel Agents. The Hotel Content Company undertakes the A-Z specification and content development for the Online & Offline presence of a hotel, that aims to achieve the property’s dynamic Positioning or Repositioning. The high-level Content created by The Hotel Content Company can ensure the hotel’s successful online (and offline) performance and lead to the increase of its total sales.

As the development of Hotel Content is a very demanding process, The Hotel Content Company starts with extensive research, that focuses on the travellers’ online searches. This research aims to locate the opportunities that arise but also record the overall travel trends and market desires.

After the research, The Hotel Content Company develops all the required content according to the latest SEO rules and trends, using an interesting way of writing, that ensures the property’s effective display and promotion. This type of written content covers every need of a hotel’s presence and promotion, such as presentation texts, Website descriptions, and texts, as well as personalized articles for its official blog or third-party media.

With hotel photography having a leading role in a hotel’s overall presence, The Hotel Content Company specifies and supervises the development of the necessary photographic content, aiming to produce a set of images that will capture the hotel’s features on a maximum level and effectively enrich any type of content or published articles included in its communication plan. The aim is to transfer the overall hotel experience to the remote travellers in the most comprehensive way possible, helping them reach their final decision for booking the hotel more easily and increase the property’s sales.

At the same time, The Hotel Content Company creates content for all Online Hotel Channels as well as Social Media, for consistent and essential communication with the hotel’s audience, which would lead to high Conversion Rates.

The Hotel Content Company’s specialized team can also specify a hotel’s entire Communication Structure, by developing Communication Templates, Newsletters, and Social Media Posts to its B2B and B2C databases. The goal is to increase the property’s sales potentials by Repeating Guests, organize its Upselling Communication, but also increase its sales by staying guests.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that a specially selected Creators’ Community has been formed, which can meet each project’s different or special requirements. The Community consists of copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, and videographers, all specialized in the creation of high-quality hotel content.

The Hotel Content Company is one of the Start-Up brands created by Destsetters, a company that specializes in Hospitality Concept Development, for new Hotels and Tourist Brands.


Learn more about The Hotel Content Company's services and get a personalized Content Development Offer for your property!



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