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Hotel Content 2022: Which are the main types of hospitality content and how can they be created?

Photo: Christos Drazos for Esperides Resort Crete

The Hotel Content Company focuses on the creation of specialized content for Hotels and Villas, and presents the most fascinating types of content that can better highlight each property’s characteristics and lead to a more engaging communication with the global travellers.

The Hotel Industry is by definition linked to continuous change and the need for constant updates and evolution. Global trends sooner or later affect most properties, which, in order to be able to keep up with their competitors, must, if not be one step ahead of them, at least be able to catch up.

Hotel Content is undoubtedly a very important part for the successful presence of a hotel, which can have several points of application. After the pandemic, the term ‘Hotel Content’ has become even more popular, as this troubling period has made the need for constant and meaningful communication with the travellers even more profound. Hotels around the world have realized how important it is to have a strong presence, particularly online, that in similar situations can help them maintain their popularity and expand the familiarity of their brand.

But where exactly is hotel content mostly needed and how can it help boost a property’s sales?

To start with, with the term ‘Hotel Content’, we refer to all the necessary material that a hotel needs in order to have a solid presence, either physical or digital, and be able to promote its business and services to its audience. For example, a vital piece of hotel content is the complete Hotel Presentation file, that describes in detail the property and its services, its facilities, and its experiences, as well as the texts used in its official website and social media accounts. Other popular types of hotel content are photography, which should aim to create the right images for each type of communication, as well as the promotional texts and descriptions used in various digital or non-digital media within the property, that aim in increasing the hotel’s upselling revenue. After defining what hotel content is, we are now ready to analyze its basic types and present their optimum methods of creation, that would lead to better results foreach property.

Complete Hotel Presentation through Hotel Descriptions and Photography

Starting with the basics – i.e. the full written descriptions of a property, that include a detailed analysis of its room types, its facilities, its services, and its experiences, it is absolutely necessary for a hotel to have in hand a file with all this material. The Hotel Presentation file is crucial for hotels, as the included content can be used for its set-up on third-party sales channels, as well as its Social Media presence. At the same time, and in addition to the written descriptions, it is also vital to have a complete visual description of the property, both through images and videos. This type of content is specified in detail by an expert in hotel content creation, and then materialized by an experienced Hotel Photographer, who will capture the hotel’s real essence and experience.

Custom Website content that will better target and respond to the travellers' online searches

In addition to its full Presentation, a Hotel also needs the content for its official website, as this is its main point of reference in the online world. This material might seem the same as the Hotel Descriptions that we analyzed above, however, the fact is that it has significant differences. The content of a hotel website should be shorter and more comprehensive, aiming to remotely create the desire to visit this specific property, but also respond to popular onlinesearches. Its structure and configuration have more advanced needs, as it requires specific research on keywords, as well as the latest SEO standards, that would help the hotel perform better on the various search engines.

Unified presence in social media and newsletters, that create consistency in the hotel’s communication and a recognizable philosophy and identity

After creating a hotel’s essential communication material, as well as a website where travellers will be redirected for more information and for making a direct booking, the next step is to configure the property’s content in its social media. To begin with, we must be sure that the set-up has been done correctly and there is no missing information. As the users search for different types of information in each channel, we must configure the published content accordingly. We should not forget that social media have a more spontaneous and direct character, so their content should be developed based on that approach. At the same time, and in order to maintain the hotel’s philosophy and unified image, its various posts and updates should follow specific communication templates that ensure a coherent aesthetic result and save productive time.

Relevant templates can be also created for the hotel’s newsletter communication, allowing the use of the proper template based on what the property wishes to say or to promote each time. In all cases, the content should be created in a way that allows the recipient to receive specific and clear information, without being repetitive and uninteresting.

Upselling Content implemented on the property’s in-hotel digital means of communication

In this final step, the created content refers mostly to the stage of the travellers’ stay within the property. More specifically, the hotel can configure special content that would be implemented in its various means of digital communication, such as public spaces screens, room TVs, room tablets etc, promoting its services and outlets and aiming to increase its upselling revenue. After all, the time of the traditional printed in-room catalogues and directories is now far behind us, making space for all forms of in-hotel digital communication that ensure a constant interaction with the guests.

Through this type of content, we no longer aim to convince the travellers to choose our hotel for their stay (as they have already done so), but to present them our upgraded outlets and services and persuade them to acquire even more experiences from our property.

By properly specifying and developing its content according to the above guidelines, a hotel will be able to have a more dynamic presence in the online world, but also a significant prospect of increasing its sales. The Hotel Content Company specifies and creates unique content for each property, based on its distinct characteristics and features, making the whole process easier and much more effective for the modern Hotelier.

Source: Tornos News

The Hotel Content Company is one of the Start-Up brands created by Destsetters, a company that specializes in Hospitality Concept Development, for new Hotels and Tourist Brands.

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