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Monthly Communication Packages

The Hotel Content Company, with its expertise in the creation of content as well as the development of communication plans, has created exclusive communication content packages for hotels, which include all the necessary material for the development of an efficient communication plan.

Through the activation of the Monthly Communication Content Packages, we aim to create content that will help each property to promote its special features and build a meaningful relationship with its customers.

At the same time, since the content of a property is an important asset for gathering more bookings through its booking engine and increasing its internal sales during the guests' stay, these packages can help properties to strengthen their commerciality, aiming to enhance their total revenue.

See the available packages below
Advanced Πακέτο
Premium Πακέτο
Standard Πακέτο
Μηνιαίο Newsletter
1 newsletter / μήνα
1 newsletter / μήνα
1 newsletter / μήνα
Δελτία Τύπου / Ανακοινώσεις / Job Descriptions
1 άρθρο / μήνα
1 άρθρο / μήνα
1 άρθρο / μήνα
SEO Άρθρα
2 άρθρα / μήνα
3 άρθρα / μήνα
1 άρθρο / μήνα
Social Media Posts για το Facebook & το Instagram
8 posts / μήνα
12 posts / μήνα
4 posts / μήνα
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