Services for Companies

Targeted content creation services for tourism brands - companies related to tourism and travel platforms, with B2B and/or B2C clients.

Combining a hotel perception, high aesthetics, and increased SEO knowledge, The Hotel Content Company has specified a series of content services that will fully meet your needs, so that you can be promoted more effectively within the Hotel Industry.


Having direct or indirect partnerships with hundreds of hotels around the world, the Hotel Content Company team has a clear picture of the needs of hoteliers as well as the way they respond to information; something that allows us to develop successful strategic plans for partner companies. With significant experience in the field, the Hotel Content Company collaborates with selected companies that offer solutions, products, and services for hotels, helping them penetrate the Hotel market more effectively and increase their profit margins.


Our specialized team works closely with each company and records its comparative advantages, while listing proposals that will increase the satisfaction of hoteliers, and therefore its commerciality. At the same time, The Hotel Content Company specifies all the Visual and Communication material for the effective targeting of Hoteliers, while setting up specialized campaigns for dynamic promotion.


Maintaining the Premium character of its services, The Hotel Content Company works only with a limited number of companies around the world, aiming to create:


  • Dynamic corporate Brands with an attractive image for Hoteliers 

  • A communication strategy that will increase sales in the Hotel industry

  • Competitive products and services for Hotels, with high commerciality